Sunday, November 23, 2008

Greetings from Rome

My brothers, I realize it has been a while since I have e-penned some of my thoughts on the masculine journey. Sorry about that. There has been more travelling this year than I would otherwise desire to have… but an important part of getting the word out concerning a man’s identity and struggles… Sure, lots of work putting the Amator Institute together, I have been spending great amounts of time mentoring men, particularly men’s leaders… and just keeping a spiritual life in order… I often wonder how people do it all with kids! There are few greater admirers of parents than myself…. Let’s just move on from here.

For over a week I have been in Rome, and the sights, the tastes, the people, are as I have long remembered them. Two weeks total this trip. No, it is not exactly vacation time; but I have been taking time out to smell the rose—or rather, the Chianti. I came here for various things: a conference, to organize a pilgrimage, to keep various persons in the Vatican informed on what I am doing, and, also to work on the creation of the new crest I am designing for the Amator Institute, and the rings which will be made for the men involved in this work. The creator of this new crest and the rings is the same man who designed the ring for the Benedict XVI. He is excited about this project. I met him fortuitously at a dinner party two years ago.

At the Springtime of Faith conference, I spoke on “Docility to the Holy Spirit.” In the present age it is certainly a wonder how the Spirit is working, and exactly through whom. Seems the Spirit blows in many directions, and has varied ways of operating in persons… I surmised, though, that what likely blocks many from their journey with the Spirit is that lack of fathoming and realizing the cause of that “generation” of the Holy Spirit. What do I mean? Well, recall that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the love of the Father and the Son. That’s right, from this dynamic exchange of the first two Persons in the Trinity the Spirit was/is generated, in eternity. Could it be—as I posit—that many are blocked from the energetic suffusion of the Spirit in their lives because that love of the Father and the Son is something unintelligible to them? Something that they have not realized in their own lives?

Seems to me, if we—men and women—can come to appreciate the love of the Father for the Son, and the love of the Son for the Father, we can reclaim the produce of this love: the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. There is no question that minds are darkened incredibly today… and of the fruits? Well, how many do you know experience such fruits as joy, peace, chastity? And what of all twelve of them! And how many of these same persons have some kind of “father wound” or some kind of block in the relationship with their fathers that leaves them unsettled, lacking peace. How many fail to experience that approval or validation of our Father who looks kindly upon us and proclaims “You are my beloved, and in you I am well pleased.” Jesus Christ heard this a few times. If the relationship of father-child is not in good repair , the Spirit will likely have a hard time functioning! The key? The start? Well, open that dialogue to your Heavenly Father more often, be persistent in knocking at his door, and wait for Him to speak back…

I am off now to see two men officials in the Pontifical Council for the Laity. Bringing the message of the masculine journey to those even working in the Vatican is always a pleasure…. And a real “discovery” for them….