Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Man’s Common Questions

Reaching into the hearts of many men, I find their confusion is immense. Many are searching. Not sure where their happiness on this earth lies. Late last year, I recollect speaking with one man on the phone – accomplished in the martial arts – “Father I do not know who I am anymore….” You can only make it so long in life trying to reach one goal after another. The real questions of a man’s identity catch up with most men at one time or another. And so they ask three fundamental questions: Who am I? What am I made for? And how do I get there? These are most common because they touch what his closest to a man’s thoughts, heart, and source of happiness. This first question concerns: His identity, the second: his Mission; and third: his Journey. These are all related; hard to divide them.

As I see it, [1] every man seeks his Identity, which he wants to be anchored and secure in. [2] He wants his summons to a Mission, because he desires to know what he is made for and yearns to accomplish it. [3] And he needs to know the Journey he must take, in order to move in the direction he is supposed to go. Okay, so how does one actualize all of this? What are the steps?

Seems to me, we have to look at the heart of a man to find the answers, particularly in the beginning. The “heart” is at our core—just look at the Scriptures. It moves us, stirs us, brings out the hero in us. Doesn’t it seem right that the Creator would format our nature with inner drives to help us reach the ends for which we were designed? Seems if men do not connect with this fundamental part of them—the heart—they miss out in becoming the integrated man they should be; and well, they also lose out with achieving real happiness and the genuine bonding they were meant to experience. Otherwise, life becomes a series of goals, a set of laws, a litany of relationships….


Robert Colquhoun said...

I love the Amator Institute- keep up the great work! God bless from Robert Colquhoun

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